Smash hit show LUMINOUS whisks audiences into an incomprehensible underworld of gut-wrenching and gravity-defying impossibility as it drags you deep into a glowing jungle of the mind.
Four-time Australia body painting champion Jessica Watson Miller brings the performer’s bodies-as-canvases to life with her seamless choreography of brush and body and specialized UV-reactive body paint. Pioneering the technique of fast and finessed live body painting, Watson Miller conjures her characters from the impenetrable darkness of the stage stroke by stroke.

A combination of ultra-violet light, body paint, puppetry and acrobatics, LUMINOUS is the only show of its kind in the world. Presented entirely in a black light theatre, performers compensate for their lack of depth of field by employing their finely-tuned instincts to execute skills and routines in surprising and intriguing ways. For audiences, hand balancing, contortion and club juggling become intense visual spectacles that challenge the fundamental principles of physics and gravity. 
Voted Fringe Review UK’s Top 10 of the 2015 Fringe and rated #4 show the Adelaide Fringe Audience Award, catch a glimpse of this luminescent troupe before they dissolve back into the darkness.

“While you may be able to see any of these a thousand times at other venues throughout the city, you will not see them together like this.” Heckler


“The UV art is beautifully mesmerising and the concept fantastic.” Fringe Review UK